Stacks of Animals Sort and Nest Cups

1-3 Years+
Item Number: 4088239

Take preschool learning to great heights! Introduce the foundations of STEAM with our fun and colourful Stacks of Animals Sort and Nest Cups. As your toddler practices sequencing the 5 colourful cups for nesting or stacking activities, they engage cognitive thinking, problem solving and learn about size, order and relationship. The act of manipulating, building, scooping and pouring with the cups supports fine and gross motor skills while engaging in water play or knocking down the tower teaches about cause and effect. Ideal for bath time, the pool or at the beach, stacking cups offer versatility in play from a construction focus, to water play, to role play.

Fun 12m

Science: Problem solve through trial and error
Engineering: Stack, nest, scoop and pour action support fine motor and gross motor development
Arts: Animal themes encourage role play and imagination
Maths: Sorting and sequencing introduces concepts of order, size and relationship