Count and Match in the Veggie Patch

1-3 Years+
Item Number: 4088175

Preschoolers will love their veggies! Count and Match in the Veggie Patch is a unique and fun way for toddlers and preschoolers to explore numbers, sorting, matching and stacking. Including 4 beautiful buckets and 16 colourful coins, children can develop their cognitive thinking and problem solving skills through 5 different games of increasing difficulty; matching by colour, number, shape, character or to learn about numbers and counting. Coins and buckets feature corresponding numbers, colours and adorable veggie characters. Tactile ridges on edge of each coin represent the number on the coins face, wonderful for children with visual impairment! Beyond Maths, the coins and stacking buckets are ideal for endless role play activities while providing parents with a great value STEAM product that fosters learning through play. 5 fun learning games! Match the coins and buckets by…

  • Colour! Put the purple coins in the purple bucket!
  • Number! Put the number 2 coins in the bucket with the number 2 on it
  • Character! Place the carrot coins in the bucket with the carrots on it
  • Shape! Put the square coin in the bucket with the square on it
  • and practice counting games! Can you find 4 tomoto coins?
Fun 12m

Science: Buckets and coins help problem solving & sorting
Engineering: Discover building with stackable buckets
Arts: Colourful coins and veggie characters support visual perception
Maths: Five fun games introduce early maths concepts such as counting, matching shapes and recognising relationships